MAB Sustainability

Attention to environmental and sustainable design is an increasingly important consideration for customers, MAB and the wider industry. MAB continues to meet and exceed regulatory standards, providing environmental design and added-value environmental initiatives across the portfolio of developments.

Creating sustainable, well-planned communities that integrate business hubs, retail centres, parklands and living precincts linked by public transport and effective road networks, MAB is creating self-sufficient cities that will evolve well into the future. 

Northcorp Business Park University Hill Factory Outlets


MAB’s ongoing environmental initiatives include: 

  • Over 520 hectares of parklands, wetlands and nature reserves incorporated into our projects
  • Remediation of contaminated land
  • Award-winning storm water harvesting and re-use programs
  • Award-winning water sensitive urban design
  • Clean energy solar paneling, including solar potential analysis offered to all occupants at Merrifield Business Park 
  • 400-panel solar installation at University Hill Factory Outlets
  • Energy-saving LED street lighting at Merrifield
  • Award-winning landscaping and natural area restoration
Alliance Business Park Northcorp Business Park

Spotlight: Uni Hill Solar

UHFO Solar Installation Time Lapse Video

Watch the sun rise and fall over MAB's installation of 400 solar panels at University Hill Factory Outlets in Bundoora. 
The solar install will produce 135,000 kWh of power per year, reducing grid energy consumption by 10% at UHFO, and powering a cleaner way of doing business.
Read the press release.