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Brompton Gasworks Community Update | November 2023


Brompton Gasworks Community Update | November 2023

The project works have now been underway for three months and the remediation works are targeted for completion in November 2024. The works are being undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Independent Auditor and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Since commencement, the focus of the Remediation Contractor, Enviropacific Services (EPS) has been the removal of two large underground former gasholders which is being undertaken within the remediation tents.

Works are also underway, removing safely, the contaminated soils. Uncontaminated soil is being stockpiled and encapsulated in a dust suppressant spray for later use at the project.
We have received contact from people in the community regarding an increase in the presence of odour and dust. The recent increase in odour is arising from the works associated with removing waste material from two large former gas holders located within the remediation tents.

The tents are the most effective control measure for the odour with the Emission Control System (ECS) extracting and treating the odour with filtration and replenishing it with fresh air. Under our current operating conditions, we are required to turn off the ECS units at the end of everyday as the large extraction fans emit noise.

Over the past two weeks, we have further reviewed the on-site processes and completed the following additional measures to improve how we manage the impacts of odour and dust.

  • Increase in pressure to the boundary perimeter water misters, including a new proprietary odour suppressant to reduce potential off-site odours
  • Installation of odour suppressant spray curtains to the entry doors of the remediation tents to reduce odour
  • Increased application of encapsulating foam to our work areas to manage dust

MAB and EPS will continue to liaise with both the EPA, the City of Charles Sturt and Renewal SA as we implement these additional measures in the management of the remediation works.