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MAB commits to innovative water solutions


MAB commits to innovative water solutions

Future water solutions for community and industry

MAB has been involved in innovative water solutions for both the community and the industry for over a decade now.

From early beginnings, MAB has looked at ways to save, recycle and reuse water. When the Boyd and Palladio buildings were constructed in 2000 at NewQuay, MAB included a ‘sea-loop airconditioning system’ utilising the harbour water.

At University Hill, a Wetlands area was created to capture, treat and reuse 90% of the estates stormwater run off. MAB’s two latest projects under construction, Quay Park at NewQuay and Industry Business Hub in South Melbourne are being developed with underground storage tanks.

“A series of rain gardens and water storage systems will ensure these developments are self sustaining in watering the lawns and gardens with underground tanks that will collect and store rain water from the local catchments”, explains MAB Managing Director, Andrew Buxton.

Merrifield, in the City of Hume will become a key focus area for water recycling. MAB with joint venture partner GPC has been working in conjunction with Yarra Valley Water on a new stormwater initiative which has recently been recognised, winning the ‘Masterplanning and design’ category of the ‘2009 Stormwater Excellence Awards’ for its proposed $19 million Kalkallo Stormwater
Harvesting and Reuse Project.

The project involves capturing and treating stormwater from a 160 hectare catchment area within commercial land at Merrifield. “A key part of the Merrifield vision is to establish new benchmarks in environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on saving, creating and sharing water supplies across the commercial, city centre and residential development,” said Andrew. The stormwater will be collected via traditional stormwater drains and treated in a series of architecturallydesigned wetlands along the Hume Highway frontage of Merrifield.

The wetlands will incorporate best-practice sustainability design principles, which will manage the quality and quantity of stormwater collected from the area. From there the water will pass through a state-of-the-art treatment plant producing quality drinking water as the end product.

Mr Sam Austin, Yarra Valley Water General Manager, Sustainable Development says, “This water sensitive approach at Merrifield will be a leading example for future cities. It shows how the water industry is proactively creating solutions for the community to maximise use of alternative water sources and reduce the excess stormwater degrading our streams and waterways.”

“MAB thrives on innovation and are investing in sustainable water solutions above and beyond Government initiatives. We intend on becoming an industry leader for water solution systems,” concluded Andrew.