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Merrifield City Centre precinct rezoned


Merrifield City Centre precinct rezoned

The planning for the Merrifield City Centre at Mickleham has taken a leap forward with the Victorian Government amending the planning scheme controls which will assist in the precinct’s early delivery.

The Merrifield City Centre now has a ‘Major Town Centre’ status in the Northern Growth Corridor Plan.

MAB General Manager Luke Noonan said this approval by the Minister for Planning Matthew Guy is an important milestone in the future development of Merrifield.

“For Merrifield residents and the wider community, this approval enables us to include a range of different uses within the plan as it is considered a regional shopping centre” said Mr Noonan.

“The Merrifield City Centre will be an integrated, contemporary Major Town Centre including retail, commercial, employment, community and recreation purposes.

“In particular, we can now move forward with the planning of medium density residential development in the heart of Merrifield.”

The changes to both the objectives and uses in the planning scheme will provide flexibility and assist in the early delivery of the Merrifield City Centre and the adjoining 300 hectare Business Park precinct.

“We have a very strong vision for Merrifield which is reflected in this decision” said Mr Noonan.  “We can now move forward with the concurrent development of the City Centre, Business Park and residential components.”

Mr Noonan added that the creation of the Merrifield City Centre is a critical component of the community that is being planned at Merrifield. “This approach also meets the Victorian Government’s objective to provide jobs close to where people live and to encourage community facilities to support the local residential and business population.”

The proposed Merrifield City Centre precinct is 110 hectares in area and is located on Donnybrook Road, Mickleham.

The City Centre will commence as a convenience-based centre comprising a supermarket and shops to service residents’ daily needs.  In the long term, the centre will grow to a Major Town Centre comprising such uses as supermarkets, specialty shops, community and civic facilities and discount department stores.

Once complete, Merrifield will be a commercial, industrial and residential community encompassing 4,000 homes and a business park with the potential to create up to 20,000 jobs.

“At the heart of the project is Merrifield City Centre which is the new commercial centre for the growing northern corridor” said Mr Noonan.

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