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Merrifield in ‘Plan Melbourne’


Merrifield in ‘Plan Melbourne’

The Victorian State Government’s metropolitan planning strategy ‘Plan Melbourne’ was released in May 2014, outlining the vision for Melbourne’s projected growth through to the year 2050.

‘Plan Melbourne’ seeks to define what kind of city Melbourne will be and identifies the infrastructure, services and major projects which need to be put in place to underpin the city’s growth and is a blueprint for future prosperity, livability and sustainability.

The designation of Merrifield Park in ‘Plan Melbourne’ as a future regional open space asset is a significant outcome for Merrifield and provides the opportunity to deliver an “Albert Park” for Melbourne’s north. Future residents, businesses and visitors to Merrifield will all directly benefit from the transformation of what is currently a vast expanse of public land into a regional destination that future generations will share and enjoy – right on their doorstep.

Master planning has commenced for Merrifield Park, which is set to become the epicenter of Melbourne’s northern corridor.

‘Plan Melbourne’ also identifies the Merrifield Business Park as a State-Significant Industrial Precinct, whilst the significance of the Merrifield City Centre is also acknowledged in servicing the northern growth corridor of Melbourne.

Importantly, ‘Plan Melbourne’ clearly supports the vision behind Merrifield – Victoria’s largest fully master planned mixed-use development – in providing open space for residents and a diverse range of employment opportunities close to where people live.