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Merrifield Named Fastest Selling Estate

Merrifield Named Fastest Selling Estate

Merrifield has been named the fastest selling estate in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, according to available recent research gathered by Oliver Hume.

The report found that Merrifield has outperformed each of the 35 active land estates currently being monitored in Melbourne’s north, selling more lots than any other project during the 12 months to February 2016.

Compared to its immediate competitors within the Hume corridor, Merrifield held almost 20% market share in the December 2015 quarter, well over the 4.55% average for the corridor. 

Since the project launched in June 2013 the Merrifield development has led the way, experiencing strong continuous growth in both sales and delivery. To date, the estate has recorded almost 900 residential land sales and has completed over 340 allotments, with a further 370 residential lots currently under construction. 

Matthew Planner, Project Director, believes the growing success of Merrifield comes down to its unique master planning and the delivery focus of the Merrifield team in realising the vision for the project. 

“We are committed to delivering on the vision we have promised our customers and stakeholders, which includes the timely provision of key amenity and infrastructure for the residential and future business community at Merrifield to enjoy.” 

“It’s incredibly powerful for our customers to see things happening on the ground when they visit Merrifield. It gives them a lot of confidence to see there are already almost 370 homes built or under construction, a neighbourhood park completed (with another one on the way very soon) and commitments to deliver new infrastructure such as retail and a childcare centre over the next 12 months,” said Mr. Planner. 

Time and time again our customers are being drawn to the vision of Merrifield. “When I walked into the sales office, the thing that captured me was the masterplan. You can sense that it is going to be a good future for our children here,” said Merrifield resident Mary Garlick. 

Due to what Merrifield offers both now and into the future, the estate is proving to be very appealing to young couples and families, who comprise almost 90% of purchasers across the project.

Source: Oliver Hume, Sales Volume and Market Share Report.