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Merrifield welcomes its first resident-employees as Dulux readies for opening


Merrifield welcomes its first resident-employees as Dulux readies for opening

Merrifield Project Director Matthew Planner said the blueprint for a 30-year development has been carefully conceived to ensure it provided everything that is desirable about modern city living.

“Merrifield will ultimately deliver more than 8,000 homes accommodating 30,000 people, plus a 165 hectare thriving city centre precinct and 300+ hectare business park combining to create more than 30,000 new jobs.

“We are creating a genuine city environment, not just another residential estate with a few local parks and shops. There is a real focus on attracting business investment and job creation – from our neighbourhood town centres, to the City Centre and Merrifield Business Park.

Barry Singh and Rick Martorella are both a few weeks into their Production Operator roles at the new $165M Dulux water based paint manufacturing facility. Due to commence production towards the end of this year, it is set to be the largest paint manufacturing facility in Australia and New Zealand and the first major enterprise investor in Merrifield Business Park.

Barry was previously based in Sydney, but recently moved to Merrifield in pursuit of a better work-life balance and new career opportunities. His house is currently nearing completion in Merrifield, where his family will join him in the coming months: “It’s not just about being close to the shops and work. It’s about the scenery too – nature-wise it’s beautiful out here, away from too much noise, pollution and traffic.”

“We are greeted by mountains and spectacular landscapes on our lunch breaks. Sometimes I feel like I won’t need to leave Merrifield at all.”

Prior to Merrifield, Rick spent 29 years living and working in Craigieburn. Upon discovery of the Merrifield Business Park, he bought residential lot in Merrifield in 2015 – an early advocate of the area’s value. He applied for his position at Dulux as soon as job application rounds began, and now lives with his partner in their newly built home. “We are loving it here. It’s big, well-organised, clean and safe,” says Rick. “And still close enough to Craigieburn (where my partner works) or the city – should we need to venture out.”

Both resident-employees are relishing a lifestyle so close to their workplace,highlighting low commute times, lack of traffic and the prospect of new jobs, retail options and sense of community as major benefits for both living and working in Merrifield. With less time spent on commuting, they are able to spend more time with family and are eager to get involved in all the activities Merrifield has to offer.

“The Merrifield community is like one big family – no matter where we’re from, what we do or what our differences may be,” says Barry.

“We’ve already attended a number of community activities and charity events and I’m excited to get some sporting groups going once the facilities and running tracks are ready.”

The Dulux workplace itself is also proving to be a positive move for both employees. When it comes to manufacturing technology, highly-automated systems and processes, the new production facility is well ahead of the industry curve.

“The Dulux environment is creative, and our team managers are so approachable and relaxed,” said Rick. Barry agreed, affirming that “it feels like we’ve been here forever, even though it has only been a few weeks!

Although only in the induction phase, Rick added, “The training provided by supervisors across the job cycle is excellent. We’re definitely setting off on the right foot in terms of healthy career growth and performing to the best of our abilities.”

Dulux Merrifield Operations Manager David King confirmed this approach, “We want to provide our employees with stability and career growth, and most of all to create a facility that we are proud all of.”

The Dulux team is set to employee a total of 70 new recruits.