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Monument Park – A Public Space of Real Distinction


Monument Park – A Public Space of Real Distinction

As one of the first developed spaces in Docklands, the public open space located along NewQuay Promenade between the Boyd and Conder Towers has waited 10 years for a major public art installation. MAB and the City of Melbourne have identified it as a key space within the Docklands precinct to provide visitors and locals a communal space where they can meet, play, sit and linger.

To be titled ‘Monument Park’, the new public space is one of the largest art collaborations in Docklands to date. Internationally renowned Melbourne artist Callum Morton, McBride Charles Ryan and Oculus Landscape Architecture have worked in collaboration to design an art-infused landscape which draws from the community’s aspirations as detailed in the ‘Docklands Community and Place Plan’ published by the City of Melbourne. 

The Design

“The ground plane is imagined as a concrete carpet with a pattern or weave, derived from the original Hoddle Plan of Melbourne,” notes Callum Morton. “This carpet is draped across the site at NewQuay and rises and falls as it covers an arrangement of objects under its surface. These objects are drawn from a selection of the public monuments currently found in the City of Melbourne, and when covered, they take on another appearance altogether. The forms are broken open in sections to reveal colourful worlds for sheltering in, exploring, playing amongst and enjoying as a community.”

 â€œThere are abundant green areas that appear through holes created in the surface of the carpet,” adds Callum. “The planting appears as if literally erupting from the ground below to colonise this fantasy city.”

“By using the Hoddle Plan and the various city monuments, we wanted to create a magical imaginary place but also emphasise the idea that Docklands should be regarded not as an isolated precinct but rather as an extension and integral part of the City of Melbourne proper.” 

During 2013, MAB and the design team met regularly with the City of Melbourne and Places Victoria to develop the design. “The collaboration between all the stakeholders has been inspiring and everyone involved has shown great enthusiasm and support for the project,” notes Jenny Psihogios, MAB Development Manager for the project.

The 3D scanning of the Melbourne sculptures was completed last year and fabrication of the sculptures commenced in March 2014. Project completion is anticipated to occur towards the end of 2014.