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New Merrifield Connect bus service announced in Melbourne’s thriving north


New Merrifield Connect bus service announced in Melbourne’s thriving north

Merrifield – Victoria’s largest mixed-use master planned community will soon offer its growing community a new bus service ‘Merrifield Connect’ – providing an essential connection to its closest metropolitan train station, community services, shopping centre and local schools.

Operating weekdays, the Merrifield Connect bus service will start moving its first passengers on 30 January 2018, to help bridge a gap in transport services in Melbourne’s rapidly expanding northern corridor with a community bus service for residents in Merrifield.

It is the first time a developer in Victoria has offered its own community bus service and highlights Merrifield’s commitment to setting new benchmarks for the creation of sustainable urban living in Melbourne’s growth areas.

“We are extremely passionate about our Merrifield community and the opportunity we have to deliver beyond the masterplan offer,” said Merrifield Project Director, Matthew Planner.

“Merrifield Connect is one of many initiatives we are delivering and a further example of the role we can play to foster connections in our community and to ensure our residents have timely access to critical services, facilities and infrastructure,” said Matthew.

Merrifield Community Development Manager, Tennille Bradley-Ow said the service would provide a much needed interim solution for existing and future residents needing more transport services. It will also importantly offer a platform for the provision of future public transport services in Melbourne’s north.

“Merrifield Connect will link our residents who do not have access to a car, or are unable to drive, with the essential services they need to thrive in Melbourne’s north,” said Tennille.

“This is a really important service and we already know of families who will be using it to get their children to local schools and amenities.”

A number of the 1,500 existing Merrifield residents are extremely excited about the benefits of the new service, which will replicate that of a local bus service, with stops, a timetable, Access Cards and important connections to a number of other existing bus and train services.

Local resident Mandy Glassey says the service will connect the community both socially and to essential services.

“It allows people who are housebound without a vehicle, to get around. Being a new estate, it allows people to get out and network,” said Mandy.

“I can imagine when you take a ride on the bus you are going to talk to people, you are going to meet people, who may become your friends.”

Mandy works in South Melbourne and said she would use the bus to get to the train station, rather than driving each day, allowing her to get valuable hours back in her day.

“We all live busy lifestyles but knowing that I spend two to three hours in the car every day, instead I could be using the Merrifield Connect service, giving me back precious time in my day.”

Teen residents Montel and Tua Telepe said it will finally give them the independence they crave.

“We don’t need to depend on our parents anymore to take us places. If we wanted to go places before we would have to wait for our parents but now we can just walk to the bus – ready to take us to where we need to go,” said Tua.

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