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Brompton Gasworks Community Update | April 2023


Brompton Gasworks Community Update | April 2023

Since executing the Development Agreement with Renewal SA in December 2022 we have received planning approval for the remediation works to commence at the Brompton Gasworks site.

What is remediation?
Remediation is the treatment, removal, containment or management of chemical contaminants which may be present in soil, water and soil vapour. The remediation for Brompton Gasworks is anticipated to take approximately eighteen months and is planned to commence around May 2023. Works will pre-dominantly be conducted under large temporary structures.

What are we currently doing?
Over the next three months our remediation contractor Enviropacific will be establishing at site and as part of this mobilisation undertaking the following works prior to remediation commencement:

• Replacing the current and temporary fencing with solid hoarding
• Constructing laydown areas for equipment and vehicles
• Installation of infrastructure to support the remediation works
• Erection of large white marquee-like structures to encapsulate the remediation works area
• Removing old equipment left on-site over the past 3 years
• Erecting site signage and wayfinding for public information and safety
• Commencing remediation activities

Where can I find out more?
We appreciate that remediation of the site might create a few questions and we encourage you to visit the project website at Within our webpage you will be able to find out more about the remediation works via the FAQ section and submit queries via the contact form. Our intention and commitment is to provide you with timely updates as we progress towards transforming this site into a vibrant urban village that celebrates its historical identity.

Our commitment
We are committed to a long term legacy and providing a safe site for the community. We have assem-bled the most experienced gasworks remediation consultants, contractors and auditors including Sen-versa, Enviropacific and BlueSphere to achieve this.

Chris Dickson
Project Director, Brompton Gasworks