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Brompton Gasworks Community Update | April 2024


Brompton Gasworks Community Update | April 2024

In our March community news update we communicated the additional measures implemented to enhance the on-site monitoring and management of odour.

The remediation contractor, Enviropacific has recently had the environmental management of air quality audited by an independent specialist consultant, EHS Assess as part of the quality control procedures in place. EHS Assess reported that the remediation assessment, management, and monitoring are compliant with all environmental air contaminant criteria, and in accordance with the South Australia Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines. Importantly EHS Assess has reported that emissions from the site pose no health risk to the local community.

The odour generated from the site can at times be unpleasant and we are working to permanently remove all the source material efficiently during the required remediation works. One of the main sources of the odour arises from the removal of material from the tar well and former gasholders and we estimate that these works which are 70% complete will be finished towards the end of 2024.

The increase in tar/bitumen-like odour recently experienced coincides with the increased handling of materials in the former gasholders housed within the remediation tents and does not present a health risk. The health and safety of the workers and local community is paramount, and we have extensive air quality monitoring and management procedures, including:

  • Real-time odour management data is received from four air quality stations across the site.
  • Live weather station data tracking the wind direction and speed assists in managing odour and dust control measures.
  • Continual boundary monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and dust with a live alert system.

Enviropacific has also engaged an odour specialist (Stephenson Environmental) to routinely audit and review if there are further viable controls to help suppress the presence of odour.

In addition to odour management, there continues to be a strict regime for dust control, with the use of water carts, soil binding agents, and suppressing sprays. We acknowledge that in windy or dry weather conditions, dust can increase from the site, and our alert system allows rapid deployment of additional measures. The dust does not contain gas or contaminants that could risk human health.

MAB regularly engages with our key partners and stakeholders, including Renewal SA, SA EPA and the City of Charles Sturt.

A community drop-in session is being planned for May to provide additional information regarding the progress of the remediation works. Further details will be announced soon.