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Brompton Gasworks Community Update | March 2024


Brompton Gasworks Community Update | March 2024

We are pleased to advise all remediation works currently remain on target with estimated completion in November 2024. Remediation contractor Enviropacific (EPS) have completed the removal of one of the two large underground former gasholders and are now progressing works on the second gasholder.

In accordance with the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority, we are continually monitoring the works. Following our last community update in November 2023, additional site measures have been implemented including:

  • Installation of additional Emission Control Systems (ECS) for the work areas within each remediation tent, providing more efficient odour management.
  • Increased operational hours for the ECS units to clear odour build up inside the enclosures (7am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday).
  • Additional monitoring system to allow for more comprehensive data collection.
  • Increased application of odour suppressant spray within the enclosures and stockpiles located on-site.

As we get closer to completing the remediation works, we are looking forward to sharing with the community our plans for the first stages of delivering infrastructure and open space in accordance with the Master Plan.

Proposed Code Amendment Engagement Information
We are seeking to make minor amendments to the Planning and Design Code that affect Brompton Gasworks. The amendments will provide greater certainty that the Gasworks site at Brompton will be developed in accordance with the Master Plan, particularly in relation to providing more open space and integrating heritage buildings.

The proposed Amendment to the Planning and Design Code will be undertaken within the first half of 2024.

More information, including how you can participate in the public consultation process, will be released shortly. You can register to be informed about the Amendment to the Planning and Design Code and the consultation process by contacting our engagement consultant, URPS on 08 8333 7999 or by email