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Brompton Gasworks Community Update | October 2023


Brompton Gasworks Community Update | October 2023

On the 6th September, Brompton Gasworks reached an important milestone, receiving endorsement from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to commence on-site remediation.

What works are happening on site?
MAB’s contractor Enviropacific Services has commenced the following remediation works including;

  • Removal of contaminated waste from the existing gasholders (as pictured above)
  • Detailed excavation and removal of sub-surface footings and structures from early gasworks buildings that have been demolished
  • Stabilisation of low-level contaminated soil

Vibration monitoring of the heritage buildings throughout the remediation works are ongoing to ensure the structures remain intact. Throughout the process MAB have daily and weekly verification and sign-off by the Site Contamination Consultant (Senversa) and the Independent Auditor (Bluesphere) to maintain the highest level of quality assurance and control.

Remediation works are anticipated to be completed by November 2024.