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Local Businesses Unite to Shine a Positive Light on Docklands


Local Businesses Unite to Shine a Positive Light on Docklands

A collective of Australia’s leading property developers and local community groups – Docklands Chamber of Commerce, The District Docklands, Lendlease, MAB, Mirvac and the North and West Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre – have joined forces for a second time to launch Soul of Docklands, a new project that will shine a light on the people, businesses and community groups that are helping shape the Docklands community.

Born from the shared goal to establish, fund and support a community-based project that can impact those who live, work, play, and visit Melbourne’s waterfront destination, Soul of Docklands will be launched at 10am on Tuesday 19 March and follows the success of the Docklands Dollars 3008 initiative in 2022.

Docklands residents, business owners and community groups have been engaged to be profiled as part of the Soul of Docklands initiative, brought to life by local photographer Michael Silver of Magnet Galleries and graphic designer Sylvia Hungria of Studio Vico.

Once the campaign is live, each profile will provide readers the opportunity to discover more about the individual profiled, including their business, interests or favourite places to visit within the precinct. The community will also have the chance to nominate individuals, community groups or businesses whom they’d like to see profiled in the future and the public will be invited to share photography of their favourite moments or places to visit in Docklands.

Docklands Chamber of Commerce President Daniel Hibberd says he is thrilled that Soul of Docklands is the spark that brought this working group of competitors, a business committee, a retail centre and a not-for-profit together again. “The Docklands Dollars 3008 initiative in 2022 was a huge success, so we’re delighted to see The District Docklands, Lendlease, MAB and Mirvac, reunite to launch The Soul of Docklands alongside the North and West Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre. Docklands Chamber of Commerce is truly proud to support this project on behalf of our member businesses, and we hope it helps to raise awareness of Docklands as a must-visit destination on the map.”

Mirvac General Manager for Residential Victoria, Elysa Anderson, explains that the project is unique. “It’s not often you get Australia’s largest property companies coming together to create an authentic experience for the local community. As a group, we had great success with the Docklands Dollars 3008 initiative in 2022. So, for the second time, our shared goal is to showcase the personalities and heart and soul of this thriving waterfront community and support local businesses by encouraging people to visit.”

Regional Social Impact Manager at Lendlease, Jacquelin Saultry says that fostering ongoing relationships and focusing on creating positive social outcomes are key to cultivating vibrant and resilient communities. “We’ve been part of the Docklands community for over twenty years and, in collaboration with local partners, look forward to seeing members of our community and their contribution to the vibrancy and productivity of Docklands celebrated in this campaign.

Ben Earl, General Manager Marketing and Communications from MAB, adds that it has been rewarding to reveal the individuals and their inspiring stories that are helping shape the Docklands community. “The Soul of Docklands is a little tongue in cheek, and it is full of personality. The interviews are authentic, entertaining and the stories behind the people profiled are fascinating. We are hopeful this project will inspire others to contribute and share their Docklands experience or nominate individuals to be featured on the site.”

Ariel Valent, Director of North & West Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre says that Docklands can be misunderstood by outsiders. “People who live in Docklands love their neighbourhood. Through Soul of Docklands we’ve learned about many secrets that the locals treasure. Now all Melburnians can get the scoop on this multi-layered and dynamic community.”

Local business owner, artist and sculptor Lucas Guilbert is one of the project’s participants. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, he has lived in Melbourne for 15 years and opened his sculpting studio in collaboration with the Renew Australia project in Docklands in 2023. Subsequently, he joined a pilot project with MAB, progressively improving his space and art.

Explaining the project’s personal significance, he says, “As a Docklands community member, I’m proud to be part of its soul and to be a face of this campaign. Not only a place that has enabled me to develop my craft and grow my business, but there is so much that makes it a special place to work and live, such as the incredible diversity of the locals, the nature, and the open space. I’m excited to showcase my community’s individuality.”

If you or a friend/colleague would like to be interviewed and profiled in Soul of Docklands, please fill out the expression of interest form, which can be found at

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