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MAB American Signs Publix to anchor Wynnehaven Plaza


MAB American Signs Publix to anchor Wynnehaven Plaza

MAB American Signs Publix to 48,387-Square-Foot Lease in Wynnehaven Beach, Florida

MAB American Management LLC has signed Publix to a lease to anchor Wynnehaven Plaza, the company’s newest shopping center development located at the northwest corner of US Highway 98 and Rosewood Drive in Wynnehaven Beach. Wynnehaven Plaza will feature a 48,387-square-foot Publix store along with a 2,100-square-foot Publix Liquor store on 10 acres of land. In addition to Publix, MAB is now preleasing business storefronts in the eight-unit inline building adjacent to Publix, as well as a two-unit freestanding pad site. MAB recently broke ground on the project in July 2021 and is expected to complete the shopping center by 2022. The development cost for Wynnehaven Plaza is expected to exceed $20 million.

Published in Shopping Centre Business, 23 August 2021