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Merrifield: Delivering on The Vision

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Merrifield: Delivering on The Vision

The vision and master planning to deliver Merrifield “the new heart of Melbourne’s north” has now been ten years in the making.

With a number of major milestones achieved, 2014 marks itself as a standout year. Over the past 12 months, Merrifield Living has been a hive of construction activity, with the first residential stages comprising over 100 lots now completed. A further 180 lots are currently under construction, whilst building works for the first homes are also well and truly underway.

A series of major infrastructure works have been completed along Donnybrook Road and landscape works across the first neighbourhood park have commenced. All of this activity will ensure that essential services and amenities are available to Merrifield residents when they move into their new homes.

As testament to the project and delivery team, Merrifield has led the way in pioneering the development of a new city for Melbourne. With works tracking incredibly well, Merrifield was the first project in the precinct to deliver titles and will be the first to welcome residents. This highlights Merrifield’s ability to deliver its vision and ensure a smooth and swift process for its purchasers and community members.

“We have had the opportunity to speak with many of the first purchasers at Merrifield, many of whom have chosen Merrifield due to the longterm vision for the project and the fact that they are already seeing results on the ground,” said Merrifield Project Director, Matthew Planner.

Merrifield represents a modern, progressive vision of urban living; a new city destined for growth and prosperity. There will be new shops, schools, health and childcare services, sporting facilities, public transport options and abundant parkland and open spaces. It’s the business and employment opportunities, however, that will set this new city apart from the rest.

“Merrifield doesn’t compare to other surrounding master planned communities, which are essentially just residential subdivisions. We are delivering a truly mixeduse and sustainable development, with a focus on local economic and employment activity as it will additionally include the vibrant Merrifield City Centre and the 300+ hectare Merrifield Business Park which will create to up 20,000 local jobs,” said Mr Planner.

“From day one, we have agreed on a vision for a sustainable community a community that provides jobs close to where people live. It is important that our young families know that Merrifield will provide advantages for their futures, with ample choice for employment, education and shopping, all close to home.”

The creation of the Merrifield City Centre will not only be a best-in-class regional shopping centre and retail experience; it will also provide the centrepiece for the budding future in Melbourne’s north, with jobs in education, wholesale trade and professional services.

Central to the Merrifield vision is the creation of one of Victoria’s key employment hubs, which will reduce the need for residents to travel out of the region for work, providing a crucial worklife balance by eliminating a long commute.

“At Merrifield, we are excited to offer our residents the opportunity to enjoy rewarding careers close to home, swapping time wasted in traffic for extra hours spent with family and friends,” said Mr Planner. “We are looking forward to completing the planning of the Merrifield City Centre with Hume City Council and the new Victorian Government early in the year, so that we can announce our plans for the implementation of the precinct.”