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Renowned artwork ‘meeting 1’ at the Docklands

Renowned artwork ‘meeting 1’ at the Docklands

A sculpture of eight, life-size red men crouching in a meeting circle was officially welcomed to its new home at NewQuay Promenade on the Dockland’s waterfront today.

The popular artwork, called ‘meeting 1’ was created by leading Beijing artist, Wang Shugang, and was acquired by MAB Corporation to be a feature at NewQuay.

Melbourne councillor, Ken Ong, unveiled the artwork with Andrew Buxton, managing director of MAB Corporation. The artwork was first exhibited at the G8 Summit meeting of world leaders in Heiligendamm, Germany in 2007 and later at the ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ exhibitions in Sydney and Perth.

“We are delighted that “meeting 1” is now in place at its new home at NewQuay Promenade,” said Mr Buxton. “When l first saw the sculpture at Bondi, children and adults were immediately drawn to it. This is exactly the sort of interactive experience we wish to offer people at Docklands.

“We hope ‘meeting 1’ will provide enjoyment for residents and visitors of NewQuay Promenade. The sculpture will integrate beautifully with the new apartments and planned public park we are creating here.”

The artwork is one of the many attractions of the NewQuay expansion along the promenade. The former Waterfront City site which MAB purchased from ING in 2010 is transitioning into a new residential precinct and community hub.

The City of Melbourne will be the custodian of the sculpture and the councillor Ong welcomed the colourful new addition to Melbourne’s public art.

“Docklands hosts a fascinating outdoor art collection and this will be an addition that will appeal to people of all ages.”

The bronze crouching figures have been cast from one mould which was made from a life size model. All the sculptures are painted red, a colour that the artist sees as a multicultural colour, making it ideal for Melbourne’s diverse community.

In Chinese culture, the number eight is significant and is believed to bring good luck. The eight figures are 92 centimetres tall and each weighs 100 kilograms.

‘meeting 1’ is on display for all Docklands visitors on the western end of NewQuay Promenade from today.