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Victorian Government includes Merrifield project in its vision for Melbourne


Victorian Government includes Merrifield project in its vision for Melbourne

The Victorian Government has acknowledged Merrifield Corporation’s vision to create a 24 hour city in the Hume growth area by including a further 1,163 hectares of the Merrifield master plan area within the proposed urban growth boundary.

The Victorian Government has released the draft urban growth boundary for consultation as part of the delivery of the Melbourne @ 5 million policy.

The Merrifield vision was first presented to the Victorian Government in 2004 and more recently to the UGB review in February 2009 to create a sustainable community where 25,000 – 30,000 people can be readily housed and employed.

Stage 1 of the Merrifield project includes the 416 hectare employment precinct where a $40m infrastructure package is currently being delivered.

Merrifield outlined to the Victorian Government that the investment in infrastructure for the employment precinct has the capacity to support the proposed residential community.

The inclusion of the Merrifield project within the draft urban growth boundary will enable the integration of employment-related uses with residential communities.

The model sets a new benchmark for contemporary growth area planning to be delivered in one of Melbourne’s rapidly expanding growth areas.

Merrifield General Manager, David Hall said “The vision for Merrifield sets the agenda for much smarter growth area planning of communities where we are thinking more carefully about how people live and making sure that we provide for the broad spectrum of jobs needed to support a growing community.”

“The key to the employment-led model which we first developed at our University Jill project is the incorporation of all of the elements contained within the well established, vibrant and liveable inner-city precincts where people can work, live and play”, said Mr Hall.

Merrifield Corporation will continue to play a role in shaping Melbourne’s future and looks forward to participating in the on-going planning with both the Victorian Government and Hume City Council in delivering on the Melbourne @ 5 million policy.